05 January 2012

Good Clean Sentences

Write Strong Sentences
A writer should always try to get the point with as little fluff as possible. While you can do so by creating a great initial sentence or paragraph, you should enhance the body of your work also.

Remove Unnecessary Words From Sentences
Getting to the point means making crisp sentences that don’t have unnecessary words.

“The officer came to a decision about what to do,” could be said more definitely. “The officer decided what to do.”

Keep Readers Interested
The second sentence above is stronger and will push readers along, keeping them reading. Too many words that do not contribute to your meaning might eventually bore them.

Say what you want directly. Instead of “She began to sing,” write; “She sang.”

Get Accustomed to Better Sentences
These added words may seem to belong there. Once you get used to eliminating them, your writing will take on a more powerful feel. You want your reader to remain interested. Loads of extra words like these can turn a reader off, even if he or she doesn’t know why.

Tighten up your reading with concise, tight sentences.

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