15 July 2011

Writers Block: When You Have Too Much to Say

A Writer with a Lot to Say Can Develop Writers Block
One of the most peculiar types of writer’s block a person can encounter is having too much to say. A host of reasons exist to want to get writing out there. A person could have a long story to tell in book form while another could be bristling with blog posts yet unwritten. These are not the only reason a person could wind up with a lot to say. Plenty of people have large “mental stores” of information they want to share.

Handle the Writers Block
When having too much to say leads to writer’s block, it is usually a matter of organization. Writers can have a lot to say while not knowing what to put down first. A couple of methods exist to handle this.

Outline to Prevent Writers Block
If a writer is not organized, he or she probably does not have an outline. Outlines solve most organization problems for writers. Outlines force writers to organize their thoughts. Writing an outline will show where the flaws are in the overall plan. It will also solidify a writing plan that is easy to follow.

Organize Your Writing Tasks
Outlines solve problems for a single piece of work but they do not always help the writer with multiple projects. For this a writer needs a strategy. To achieve this a writer should:
  • List what needs to be written
  • Organize the list per personal priorities 
  • Outline each piece to be written 
  • Decide when they will be written 
  • If a deadline is looming, set targets for completion 
  • Get busy writing!
Keep Going Until You Have Solved Your Writers Block
If this does not solve the problem, the writer’s block may have a different cause, so feel free to look back over the other sections in this series on writer’s block.

For those with a lot to say, organization can go a long way.

I hope this has been helpful.

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