16 February 2011

Borders Bookstore Closings

News of Borders Bookstore Closing
I heard the news tonight about the Borders bookstores closings. They are filing for bankruptcy and closing nearly a third of their bookstores, starting with the super stores. They plan to close my favorite bookstore in the county at 2683 Gulf to Bay Blvd., Clearwater, FL.

This news is very sad. One of my favorite past times is to browse the bookshelves at local bookstores. I have a few favorites; Borders, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million. Although they all have similarities, the Borders store on Gulf to Bay was my favorite. It had the largest interior space, largest selection and the best coffee shop. I have purchased more books from this store than any other in the area. It is a pity to see it go.

Is the Economy the Reason for Borders Bookstore Closings?
I have to admit that my book buying has suffered from our down-turned economy. I continue to buy books despite a tightened budget but the length of time between purchases has increased. Evidently, I am not alone.

When the free hours of the day or night arrive, I will sometimes head off to the bookstores. With or without a purchase, it is a satisfying exercise. Browsing with a coffee in hand is a treat. The Borders on Gulf to Bay has the best atmosphere for such an outing.

I will miss the store and feel as though something I owned a part of has been taken away.

Are Digital Books the Reason for Borders Bookstore Closings?
It will be a sad day indeed if books are no longer sold in paper form. Digital reading delivers information. Owning a book that you can hold in your hand offers a far greater experience. It is something not only to read but to have and to own. That is something digital media cannot deliver.

I will go to Borders tomorrow for my official farewell visit. I will have my final coffee and offer a toast to the store. I will also toast to a future where our economy recovers and we will not see a city filled with empty storefronts. Lastly, I will toast to the paper book, offering my wishes that we are not the last generation to see it.

What Tampa Bay On-Line had to say about the closings.

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